The carry-on luggage from Bluesmart with GPS tracking and a lock app combines elegance with a high level of functionality, and can be found quickly again if lost.
The small and handy trolley suitcase in a refined black colour is suitable for everything from short business trips to flights to far-flung holiday destinations. Its hard shell made from polycarbonate protects the contents from bumps and is also waterproof. The four quiet wheels mean that even heavy luggage can be transported easily. And because the case can be connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, it is easy to track and locks automatically.

The Bluesmart trolley case with lock control gives security

As soon as the little carry-on case is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, it can be controlled via the corresponding app. If the suitcase leaves your side, the automatic lock control is activated and the case locks. Once you approach your trolley case again, the lock unlocks quickly and silently. Of course the only prerequisite is that the suitcase owner must carry his or her mobile phone in his or her pocket. If you don’t wish to use the automatic locking function, you can choose to lock your luggage yourself or activate the locking mechanism manually via the app.

Integrated GPS tracking for your luggage

A missing Bluesmart trolley case can be recovered quickly via the integrated GPS, as it can be located anywhere around the world. If you accidentally leave the carry-on case in a taxi, it is detected using the app and can be tracked effortlessly. Equally, a thief who steals the case from a train compartment while the owner is standing in the aisle won’t get very far. Thanks to GPS tracking, the trolley case can be found quickly and the pilferer can be captured while the owner is reunited with his or her luggage.

Little extras transform the carry-on luggage into a travel assistant

Two further very useful details are the integrated scales and the battery charger, which transform the carry-on case into a clever travel assistant. A Bluetooth connection can be used to connect the luggage to the app, which displays the weight of the suitcase. This allows you to avoid any nasty surprises in terms of excess weight and the considerable additional expense this can incur.
The battery charger can be used for your mobile phone or your laptop using a USB connection. So you don’t need to carry an additional powerbank when travelling. Thanks to the Bluesmart trolley case, you can use your notebook and mobile phone for several hours and can even charge them while on the go. Thanks to the integrated technology, the Bluesmart carry-on case will no longer go astray, and also makes travelling a more pleasant experience.

Product features

  • Bluetooth to connect to a mobile phone
  • GPS tracking via app
  • Integrated charger for mobile phones or laptops
  • Battery with 10,400 mAh capacity
  • Integrated scales
  • Automatic lock activation when suitcase and owner are separated
  • Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later and Android 4.4 and above
  • Volume: 34 litres, 15-inch laptop compartment
  • Material: Polycarbonate, nylon
  • Size: 55,88 x 35,56 x 22,86 cm


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