GENIUS is the ultimate heavy-duty luggage, designed with, and specifically for, tattoo artists. The concept was, to deliver a product, tailored to the various needs and demands of a tattoo artist on the road. All the necessary and sensitive equipment can be transported safely and conveniently, in one single suitcase, but that is not all. GENIUS combines a rugged exterior with a functional partitioned interior, two work surfaces made of quality surgical steel and four sturdy, yet light weight, aluminium legs to transform the suitcase into a full-value workstation with just a few simple steps. The innovative inside convinces with decent space for inks, disposables products, a removable container for the valuable machines, storage for electronic devices and much more. The suitcase is complemented with a power cord that delivers electricity to internal USB slots and power outlets. GENIUS comes with a small work lamp that can easily be attached to the outer case and a adjustable armrest for comfortable tattooing. Besides the distinctive look and feel and its handy inside, GENUIS offers multiple spots on the outer case to attach own locks in order to protect the valuable content.

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