Suit wrinkle-free in a carry-on luggage Wrinkles are the result of two factors: Pressure, and a tight radius. F38 has a unique patented system that eliminates both these factors and thus allows the user to store up to two suits wrinkle-free in a carry-on sized luggage. A fast check-in process is made possible via an opening at the top, where a toiletry bag can be accessed in a very fast and convenient way, without having to open the main luggage compartment. The product also features a patented handle which includes a pocket for passports, frequent flyer cards, business cards and the like. The hanger inside the luggage can be attached via a convenient magnetic snap. It is possible to pack and unpack the luggage in a hanging position as well as lying on a bed or sofa. On the outside, the luggage is kept rather timeless and classic, according to the ideal of a tailored suit, a product made to last both visually and functionally. It is made from Italian vegetable tanned leather and smooth Italian metal zippers. The VOCIER F38 is available in both dark brown and black.

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