Travel is the most popular way for modern people to relax and relieve the pressure, while the BG Hybrid removable Luggage designs a luggage 2 in 1 concept. A special designed laptop case can be put in the front of trolley case though the unique lock system. The luggage and laptop case can be used independently or combine them into a hybrid luggage.
1. BG Hybrid Luggage designed an independent hard luggage , which can put a unique laptop case on it. When you lock the laptop with luggage though the unique lock system, it transfer to a hybrid luggage, the laptop case comes to be the front panel of luggage, offering a quick access function which is friendly use. Of course, it is easy to take off the front panel and them you will have 1 laptop case and 1 luggage, both of them can be used independently.
2.The laptop case can be a variety of designs to meet the needs of different client and market, customized accessories to maximize customer satisfaction. That means different laptop designs will be available, not only change the function, but also give the solution of trendy and fashion. So people only need to choose different laptop cases, then get different lifestyle experience.

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