Tobias Liliencron has designed the senseBag® billfold, an organiser for modern life. Wallet, card case and money purse – functional, practical and attractive. senseBag® billfold is everything we need. senseBag® billfold helps to keep track of our credit, customer and other cards with 24 compartments that are of course transparent. The inlay can be completely reordered and exchanged if needed for the “second set” so-to-speak. Convenient for everyone who wants to take their library ID card but not their bakery bonus card with him or her to university. Regularly used cards are ready to hand in two pockets or set aside in the ID compartment. And the money? That is put in the clip or moves directly from there into the bag. The money clip is removable. Anyone who needs change or chips for the shopping trolley will find a coin compartment with a zip in the senseBag® billfold. On the outside, the elastic strap holds everything together, even when the contents are very full. The billfold completes the senseBag® product line from transotype, which includes roll folders, pencil cases and wallets for markers. senseBag® billfold is available in black nylon or natural linen.

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