Whether it’s your ID card, your health insurance card, bank card, credit card or similar, nowadays everyone carries around a large number of different cards for different purposes. On the one hand that’s extremely practical, as the cards not only make payment transactions easier but also significantly reduce long-winded registration procedures by simply being able to scan the card in a doctor’s surgery or in other situations. But the card system also involves risks: Savvy hackers have discovered ways and means of hacking into the cards without being detected and stealing the sensitive data stored on them to then misuse that data for their purposes. The Secrid card protector offers secure protection for your data.

Protection for your data

The Secrid card protector provides space for your six most important cards. The aluminium sleeve blocks the electromagnetic waves emitted by the RFID chips in the cards that hackers use to gain access to your sensitive data. When you want to take your card out, you briefly press a button and all six cards are produced like a fan for you to select the one you want.

Compact and puristic: Design for users

The Secrid card protector dispenses with unnecessary gimmicks, focusing instead on a purely user-oriented and entirely functional approach. The aluminium design is simple and puristic. Thanks to its compact form, the Secrid card protector also fits easily into any handbag or wallet.

Award-winning design for more security

The Secrid card protector fills a security gap in our modern era thanks to its simple yet extremely effective functioning. For this winning combination of an innovative idea and an attractive design and pure functionality, the Secrid Card Protector was chosen as a Red Dot Design Award winner in 2010.

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