Document Safe® – To protect your personal data against unauthorized reading by radio waves. Data theft has become considerably easier through the spread of wireless transfer or radio frequency identification (RFID/NFC). Contrary to magnetic stripes or chip cards, the RFID radio chip is not visible incorporated in the identity card and is read out contactless via radio waves. VELOFLEX Document Safe® card holders highly damp these radio waves by using a special film. The use of this protective cover prevents that the RFID chip in chip-based documents (e-passports) build up a magnetic field at all. Contactless radio chips are used in cards, passports, IDs etc. • Cash cards, credit cards, cheque cards, bank cards • Identity cards, passports The data on the radio chips can be read out unauthorized by radio waves. Digital identities are stolen unnoticed , behavioural and motion profiles can be reproduced. VELOFLEX Document Safe® – protective covers with the integrated Cryptalloy special film certified by the German technical inspection. ID card holders to protect against data theft and unauthorized read out of your personal and biometric data.

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