YOU ARE GREAT: a little companion serves as a constant reminder of how great we are.

The design of the keychain is outstanding, it is the perfect symbiosis of feeling and functionality. It is shapely, pleasant to touch and has the words ‘You are great’ written on it that gives it charm, and inspires confidence and a zest for life. Thanks to its sophisticated shape, ugly key racks are not required: keys can simply be hung onto any clothes rack or door handle. A new, easy-to-open turn-clip fastener has been developed for the key-ring, putting an end to broken finger nails when opening conventional key-rings.

The keychain is made of silicone and is available in various colors. It is ideal for showing someone how great they are, and makes a perfect present for friends, family, staff and customers.

The high-end design is evident in the packaging. A recycling application is to separate the front and back and use it as postcards.

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