Innovativeness: 1.This wheel of this barrow does not to be detached in opening, closing and packing process, which is very different from previous design. 2.The whole structure can make fisherman easy and quick to open and close the barrow. 3.Also, different materials are used based on actual stress states of different parts. 4.Steel is used on those parts with more stress while Aluminum used on those parts with less stress. 5.By doing this, the weight of the barrow could be reduced. Basic Structure: Featuring in simple and easy folding structure, this product can better meet anglers’ demand on fast folding. With multi-link structure to achieve mutual restraint, the entire product can achieve fast folding. Normal barrows need to disassemble wheels when packed in order to reduce packing size, while this barrow can be packed without disassembling wheels but still in small packing size, which greatly improves the convenience of usage. Practicability: The design of free disassembly frame structure can save fisherman’s time in the process of assembling the barrow. The materials of steel and aluminum make the barrow very light, easy for fisherman to carry.

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