Orbitkey transforms your cluster of keys to a beautiful and organized stack – eliminating key jingles, scratches and bulk associated with traditional key rings. Taking an outside in approach – leaving behind all preconceptions of existing keychains, every feature of the Orbitkey has been considered and designed with purpose.

Leather, canvas and rubber materials have been carefully selected for their soft characteristics, to both enhance the quality and also to prevent keys from scratching other belongings.

The biggest challenge was to come up a locking mechanism that is easy to use, provides enough tension and also does not loosen with usage.

Inspired by the function of detent balls, the Orbitkey features a fully integrated locking mechanism, working in conjunction with a simple curved washer to allow for tension adjustments. The loosen-free feature also self-actuates as the customer tightens the screw, keeping 2 to 7 keys secure.

The understated mechanism complements the overall minimal aesthetic and sophistication of the product. The result is a key carrier that is not only functional, but also embodies elegance.

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