The alternative to jangling chaos on your keyring: The groundbreaking LEO smartkey revolutionises the traditional keyring with its innovative design.
The LEO smartkey extends the desired key in seconds fully automatically at the touch of a button, allowing it to be used directly. The smartkey is only roughly as big as a commercially available car key, but still provides space for several keys (up to 6). The product features technical innovation in a tiny space!

High-quality LED display – an end to the key chaos

The desired key is selected using easy-to-use display buttons. First, every key is allocated a number, which is shown on the digital LED display in the form of the face of a die. This puts an end to tiresome searches for the right key on your keyring, replacing it with modern user comfort. The keys used have to be adapted to the LEO smartkey before use. You will need a key-cutting service that uses LEOKEY blanks. However, once the keys have been adapted once, they can be removed, exchanged and replaced again easily. In addition to the key function, the smartkey includes a powerful and practical LED light that can light up a keyhole for example.

Conclusion: A functional and attractively designed keyring

The fully automatic LEO smartkey boasts not only functionality and day-to-day ease of use, but also a clear design language and attractive appearance. Though streamlined, the design succeeds in drawing admiring glances thanks to its carefully chosen accents, like the red LED display. The high-quality materials used also ensure a long life span and give the smartkey a pleasant feel.

Product features

  • Fully automatic keyring for up to 6 keys, which can be extended individually at the touch of a button
  • Keys can be replaced simply as required
  • Keys are selected using easy-to-use display buttons
  • Digital LED display
  • Integrated powerful LED lights
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