Freefold is a removable foam suit carrier currently selling into the commuters markets by plane and cycle as a mens travel accessory.
The product is removable from a 21inch carry on case or a 30 litre backpack and keeps a full suit including shirt jacket waist coat and trousers completely crease free. Meaning business commuters can reduce their carry on costs and weight by no longer needing to buy large and expensive additional garment cases. These cases can be used for nothing else, but Freefold means a standard carry on suit case becomes a garment carrier when the user needs it to.

The product has sold 3000 sets via our site and we are discussing global licensing with the world market leader currently. It is patent granted in China with the UK and USA about to be granted and Europe pending.

Freefold is recyclable and can be made even lighter than its current 560 grams.
We can make it 150 grams out of EPP which is carbon neutral.

Freefold costs under £2 to make and sells for £39.99.

We have ten out of ten reviews from trade and end users on our website

Freefold has an optional messenger bag called the CTS commuter travel system for cyclists sold on our site.

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