eGeeTouch® smart travel padlock is embedded with patented Dual Intelligent Proximity, Vicinity Tracking & Smart Identification technologies delivering unprecedented high level of security, hassle-free user experience & extended functions unattainable by any traditional TSA locks. These enhanced security, extended features & ease of use functions are critical differentiating factors & trends that redefine the locks security & travel industry.

This award-winning smart lock is 2nd to none in the world, requiring NO KEY, NO DIGIT DIALS & NO CODE MEMORIZING, hence no fuss to safeguard users’ belongings. Simply pair with a Bluetooth smartphone (iOS & Android), smart watches or tap a NFC-enabled fob to secure/unlock luggage (other access methods available).

Her proprietary Proximity Tracking feature ensures that user’s luggage is always close by (within 30ft) & never lose it with notifications & alerts through his mobile devices.

This smart lock is recognized & accepted by TSA officers ensuring smooth inspection without worrying their luggage/lock being cut open or damaged.

eGeeTouch smart travel padlock truly elevates one’s travel experience & safeguarding personal belongin

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