The world’s-1st patented eGeeTouch® Smart Electronic Combination Lock is embedded with state-of-art proximity access security & smart identification technologies; requiring no key, no digit-wheel dials and no code-memorizing to safeguard personal belongings during a trip unmatched by any conventional digit-wheel combination padlock. This radically innovative smart lock offers multiple access methods enabling users to access luggage contents using their own NFC-enabled devices e.g. smartphone or tagged wallet. The lock is TSA compliance preventing luggage being damaged by inspecting custom officers in airports. Coupled with proprietary authentication protocols capable of generating over 100millions encrypted codes & One-Touch functions, this smart lock provides a truly hassle-free travel experience for frequent travelers & holiday makers.

eGeeTouch® Smart Combination Lock is second to none in the world, strategically created based on the concept of Disruptive Innovation, which deliberately seeks to replace those ‘outdated’, cumbersome and easily cracked conventional digit-wheel combination padlocks and has tremendous potential to redefine & revolutionize the travel bag industry.

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