One of worst nightmares for travellers is probably to wait and fight in the queue to see if their luggage arrives on the conveyor belt in the airport terminal. Hence we start to wonder if we can design a device that is able to alert people when their luggage arrives, to alarm them if it is stolen and help the airport staff with a search function when the luggage is lost.

Bag iStrap is a wireless Bluetooth product designed with concepts of affordability, simplicity, durability and user-friendlyness. Different from most of the existing products, the strap-like design allows users to use the product easily and still be able to keep their favourite airline tag.

Attach Bag iStrap with your tag to the luggage and communicate Bag iStrap via Bluetooth with the mobile devices (iPhone or Android) via a dedicated app. The app will provide information on the luggage (photo, owner) unique ID of the luggage. In operation the App and the Bag iStrap will interoperate to give the following information via instant messaging: (1) Baggage in range and arriving on the conveyor belt; (2) Baggage lost or stolen alarm; and (3) Track luggage and recognise the Unique ID and owner.

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