The 3C (Carbon Card Clip) is as light, slim and small as it gets when it comes to wallets.
Thanks to its unique functional design, cards slide out and can be sorted with a simple push. The strong holding secures cards from falling, even if there is only one card and it can fit up to 7.
It is engineered with the highest grade quality carbon fiber, making it insanely light (15 gr) and strong. Our high tech production allows us to give a scratchproof durable treatment to this incredible material.

The micro fiber inside will protect cards from demagnetization and scratches, while an embedded aluminum foil will protect from electronic data theft.

We set out to create the slimmest and the lightest card case while taking advantage of the amazing characteristics offered by carbon fiber. Bringing to life the carbon card clip has been a long ride and a technological achievement. Indeed, this super strong material needs specific know how and machines to shape, curve and cut.
Pure, practical, slim are what defines this super cool product that will last you a lifetime.

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