WEARBAG is the next generation type of zero gravity bag with the theme of “New Fusion”. It is a bag to put in a position that does not feel the weight of objects much. By pursuing a perfect silhouette based on ergonomics, it is not a conventional act of hanging, it is possible to correct posture by carrying on the upper part of the back, and the whole bag is to be flexible with high performance compression. It is 3D design for corresponds to all movement of the body, such as walking and running. For the main body leather adopted the world standardized “Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®”. In addition, it is equipped with a ventilation function, and comfort is also realized.
Inside three pockets, we invented a unique seal pocket system that can be fixed the contents without trampling and wrapping that normally concentrated on the bottom by using fastening fabric structure. WEARBAG is bag for palmtop that can fuse daily life and formal.

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