[ umbrella handle bag ]
This is an umbrella handle bag.
It is important to be able to separate the umbrella from the handle of the bag.
We can’t be sure when rain or snow will come, so it is best to be prepared. This bag helps with that.
We should always carry an umbrella.
If you put a wet umbrella in your bag it will make everything in the bag wet, this could damage any electronic devices you happen to have in the bag.
If you carry the umbrella all the time It will protect the bag and everything inside; mobile phone, laptop, camera etc.
Getting caught in the rain without an umbrella leaves you with cold wet clothes. They are uncomfortable, take time to dry and may cause you to catch a cold.
You should be careful not to catch a cold
When we don’t use it,
We may lose it when we keep carrying it without use.
When we aren’t using the umbrella, it is convenient to carry it in a bag.
In this way, there is no chance of losing the umbrella.

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