Bicycle Travel is popular nowadays, but it is much safer if we can carry all belongings when we need to off bikes. SLO’O LITESTRONG Traveling bags can combine the top bag, the front pannier and the rear pannier into one Messenger Bag. And each bag can meet harsh demands of bicycle travel.

SLO’O LITESTRONG can expand the loading capacity to meet the need of traveling. All bags are made by Nippon Dyneema which is 15 times stronger than steel with the same weight ratio. Its weight is less than 1kg but the tensile strength can reach up to 70kg to 150kg. Most straps use heavy duty seat belts to ensure the reliability.

SLO’O LITESTRONG is also weather proof and anti-thief. The Rip Stop pattern makes it hard to cut through by knifes to protect you from the thief. Standing the water pressure up to 7000 mmH20, SLO’O LITESTRONG’s Roll Top design can keep your belonging dry in any weather condition. Weather proof, cut-proof, anti-thief, super strength, light weight, expandable loading capacity and the magic combining three bags to one make SLO’O LITESTRONG the most desirable traveling bag that you can rely on to face all kind of challenges ahead the road.

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