Cork is bang on trend in the fashion world. It also has one very important characteristic: cork doesn’t sink. This was the thinking behind the N ÜBER C collection: 100 handcrafted accessories made from cork fabric, which we screen-printed with abstract maritime distress signals from the flag alphabet. We took flags that are hoisted on top of one another and printed them one on top of the other – like N above C. All of the proceeds went to the charity Jugend Rettet, which saves lives at sea, which helps refugees in distress at sea.

The message can be decoded, but it doesn’t have to be. N ÜBER C makes a subtle statement with an eye-catching design featuring a distinctive combination of screen printing and cork.

N ÜBER C went on sale in December 2016, just in time for Christmas and – more importantly – just when the sea is at its coldest and crossing it couldn’t be any more dangerous. Sales of the accessories raised 5,000 euros within two weeks and we turned hipsters into ambassadors for a good cause.

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