More than a designer bag: this innovative lunch bag from Black+Blum is a thermal bag, a placemat and a cushion all in one.

Both the look and the dimensions of the lunch bag from Black+Blum are designed to match the box appetit from Black+Blum. But that’s not all. In addition to the obvious function as a carrier bag, it also offers further useful possibilities.

Three-in-one: transport, insulate and serve

A high-quality Velcro strip is used to open the designer lunch bag multifunctional bag on three sides, so it can be spread out as a washable placemat for your meal. The insulated lining of the bag not only protects your food from the heat or the cold outside, it also makes it the perfect insulating cushion for a picnic in the park. The outer material is robust nylon, which makes the multifunctional bag impervious to dirt and other external influences. And on top of all that, the colour of the lunch bag is chosen to match the lunchboxes from Black+Blum, making it a real joy to look at.

The designer bag that offers more

Of course the lunch bag from Black+Blum can also be used to transport other things. Its innovative design concept means that it has lots of other possible uses – this bag simply offers more!

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