Just as its literal meaning denotes, Jigsaw design is a unique design completed by putting recycled fabric pieces together. Jigsaw bag is a recombinant bag produced by cutting the discarded clothes, leather goods and coffee sack into Jigsaw design and connecting it. This not only overcomes recycled product’s drawback of having limited usage of fabric which is having to produce in small scale, but also makes good use of the fabric’s original characteristics. Design has started from the environmental problem caused by the overproduction of fashion industry. Therefore, we intend to develop sustainable design that can relieve the problem of fast fashion, and thus keep the balance of fashion industry. Also, Jigsaw bag holds its meaning in that it is not merely disassembling and recombining what was thrown away, but is also adding another idea on to it, thereby pursing sustainability of the product. Jigsaw design is the optimized design concept to up-cycle the recycled fabric. No matter how small it is, through Jigsaw design, any leftover piece of fabric can be used as a part of the production. Along with reuse of the fabric, jigsaw makes reduction of production-dissipation possible.

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