The bag ›Balance‹ combines the advantages of a draw-string bag and a handbag. It adapts flexibly to the content and provides overview. The strap is closing, attachment for the inside pocket ›Ally‹ and variable shoulder strap at the same time, working as a double or single strap. Interlacing it in the latter position allows additional closing. The arrangement of passages prevents a slight contraction of the strap. Rounded corners protect against wrinkles. The inner pocket ›Ally‹ can be taken out with its contents and worn separately. The functional design makes metal and plastic elements superfluous, just as weak linings and short-lived closures. The components can easily be separated and recycled. The bag ›Balance‹ requires four, the little ›Ally‹ eight blanks. Material, number of seams and vulnerabilities keep thereby limited. The seams are recessed to prevent friction and easily accessible for repairs.

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