There are many cases to have a missed call or massage because to put our phone in a bag as silent mode. Glimm has been created to solve this problem. . Bluetooth is applied to emblem which receiving three different types of signals and sending a notification, connecting to wireless network between Glimm and mobile phone. Glimm is notifying to user three different types of signals through three different colors of light. Signal of call makes the emblem gleam with aquamarine light, text signal is ruby light and amethyst light is for SNS. Furthermore, alarm light blinks rapidly with three different colors when the Bluetooth disconnects between Gilmm and mobile phone. Its function is helpful to prevent a lost and stolen issue. The most valuable point of Glimm is well balanced to satisfy the two roles which are sophisticated design as fashion item and application of advanced technology as innovative lifestyle IT device. The case of MOTA smart watch have not received a positive feedback from market caused by the product could not meet a customer’s expectation especially design perspective. On the other hand, Glimm emblem is never been affected to overall design of COURONNE bag.

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