Forbbiden is a 2-in-1 tote bag set which shows cool and stylish design bag body and a functional removable zipped pouch. The bag body is crafted with 100% Italian fine needle-pattern Box Calfskin and mercerized suede leather lining. The asymmetric design makes the bags’ two sides show different style. A simple turn around will shift easily between professional and stylish! The innovative design of the pouch provides various ways to use it individually or together with the bag, more flexible and functional.

Because of material technology, the bag is light weighted but can afford heavy things. Special rainbow oak materials at the bottom makes the inside no longer boring. Leather snap key loop inside the bag to hold your keys in place. The inside of the pouch use top soft breathable fabric to avoid the sultry feeling.

Regarding the craftsmanship, 7.5 stitch per inch, plus 6-strand wavy stitching with ax needle, produce the perfect balance of beauty and durability. Bag body, shoulder strap and bottom use top-level reinforcement support material, effectively prevent deformation after prolonged use. Quality edge coats treatment process prevent fall off or burst after long time use.

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