The doctor’s bag is our modern re-creation of a vintage style. In this design, contrast creates a sense of balance and harmony. The rigid frame imparts strength and power; it is complemented by the gentle, feminine curves of the leather. The focal point of the bag is the polished push lock; the fastening strap is subtly tapered to draw the eye to it. The elegant plated hardware stands in contradiction to the vegetable-tanned leather that it rests on. The rich, natural leather is an homage to the traditions of artisanal tanning and craftsmanship that are waning in this era of mass production. And the sustained curvature of the leather can only be achieved with a specific tannage and skillful handling of the material. Although this bag was created to be a beautiful object of design, it is also meant to be functional, with a wide opening, adjustable shoulder strap and interior pockets.

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