CROSS Origami Collapsible Handbag A CROSS leather Handbag for your valuables, with our latest foldable technology. A concept untold, unknown, unexplored but has been living in deep darkness of unknown magnificence. A magnitude of excellence has never been exploited to this extent. A culture, a heritage, a story unspoken. Unleashing CROSS Origami Collapsible Handbag with urban and unlocked appearance with fine and subtle handcrafted execution. CROSS Origami Collapsible Handbag is finely crafted in high quality Artisanal Spanish cowhide leather and is made for a fashionably enriching and long lasting safety and security of valuables. Made with patented Spanish, foldable technology, USP of this product lies in its design, quality, utility & usability. This award winning sleek and crisp bag consists of one zip in compartment along with compressible mechanisms. It can fit in your handy stuff and can fit itself in 1/4 of its space. A unique combination of design, quality, utility & usability in trendy colors. A must have bag for every girl, craving for fashion.

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