With these bags, even hot days are no longer a problem: The BE Cool cooler bags from WUNASIA ensure stylish coolness on the go.

The BE Cool cooler bag series WUNASIA keep contents well chilled even in sizzling temperatures. And you don’t have to compromise on comfort or style!

Stay cool

Warm rays of sun are wonderful for bringing nature into bloom, but often not so good when it comes to ice-cream, fresh foods, drinks or even make-up. Whether on your way home from buying groceries, having a picnic in the park or during your holidays in warmer climes, you probably know what it’s like to have the feeling of looking forward to your lunchtime sandwich or a cool drink ruined because you didn’t have the option of keeping them chilled. The same applies to make-up: Lipsticks in particular, but also other cosmetics, become pretty much unusable once they have been exposed to high temperatures. This is where the fashionable BE Cool cooler bags can come to your aid. They ensure that contents stay chilled while at the same time boasting a truly fresh appearance!

Stylish, charming and cool

While conventional cooler bags rarely look fashionable enough to be used as an everyday accessory, the BE Cool bags are a real eye-catcher: Their fresh, on-trend colours and variety of practical shapes and sizes make them an ideal companion for countless occasions. Need a stylish Champagne cooler for a romantic tête-à-tête? No problem! Or a practical make-up bag that will protect your cosmetics from getting hot and drying out when you are on holidays in hot climates? Well, the BE Cool series of bags is just the right solution. The cooler bag models will win you over with their surprising diversity, which ensures that you can find the right model for any purpose.

The cooler bag as an eye-catching piece

The insulated bags from the BE Cool range from WUNASIA feature an inspired combination of practical aspects and attractive design. 

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