The GROTTO Chinese Lacquer Bag selection is a unique fusion of leather, bag design, Chinese lacquer and art. It is a symbol of GROTTO’s style. These handmade bags are the result of collaboration between GROTTO and our talented artist. Each unique lacquer handbag is a piece of “walking art”.  

GROTTO chooses traditional vegetable-tanned Italian leather. The shoulder strap is slender but strong enough to bear the weight of daily necessities. The painting material is called rhus lacquer or Chinese lacquer, which is extracted from the lacquer tree. With its minimalist design, the bag is easy to match to your outfit.
The use of rhus lacquer is a unique part of Chinese culture, which can be dated back to 7000 BC. The vegetable-tanned leather and Chinese lacquer possesses natural, eco-friendly qualities. The simplicity of the distinctive design and timeless quality resonates with GROTTO’s spirit.  Once owned, the distinctive bag, with its unique color and personality will become an irreplaceable object.
Chinese lacquer inherits traditional eastern aesthetics.  The GROTTO lacquer bag is produced in Fujian province, where the lacquer process is well established.  GROTTO focuses on its

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