The “joan” satchel fine and 100% genuine leather bag belongs to the CLASSIC COLLECTION line of Stella Achenbach-Identity Goods. The overall but unique idea of this product line lies within the two separate parts of the bag: BASIC BAG (black) and DOCKING BAG (beige). Therefor the customer can always keep her timelessly designed BASIC BAG and give it a kick with one of the trendy seasonal DOCKING BAGS. The factor of sustainability lies within the product itself, since the BASIC BAG will be kept as well as the DOCKING BAG. It simply changes it looks. The DOCKING BAG is safely attached to the BASIC BAG with two small leather belts. They are easy and fun to exchange with one of the many designs and possible patterns. A huge advantage represents the high quality of the materials: Therefor it is possible to apply color to the DOCKING BAGS surface after it is all stitched together.

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