Barmes freebase is a unique combination of carry on case, mobile office and personal storage. The design brief was conceived around the philosophies “live, work and move”.

Three independently locking compartments, mechanically hinged, enable the separation and organisation of business, travel and personal items.

Freebase provides the ability to have those important pieces at your fingertips, with quick and easy access, safely and securely, all whilst on the move. It provides people with the ultimate in mobility and flexibility.

ABS is the primary material used to provide strength and to maintain our design integrity. The tight tolerances required for three separate, cabinet-like doors truly pushed the boundaries of injection moulding processes.

The uniqueness of Freebase has resulted in a patent being granted in the USA, with other countries at the patent pending stage.

Wireless has reduced the limit of our boundaries and allows us to access “the knowledge bank” and complete our business and personal requirements almost “anywhere and at anytime”. No need to be anchored, so live : work : move from a freebase.

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