BOUNDLESS INSPIRATION – ANYTIME, ANYWHERE The patented Artequip Multifunctional Bag is designed to meet the specific requirements of people who carry their work materials and valuable accessories of all kinds with them on a regular basis. For a safe and reliable transportation, every little piece has its own place. Whether for artists, consultants, coaches, architects, teachers, technicians or engineers: with its modern design and excellent mix of materials, the bag offers numerous applications at work, during leisure time or in education. MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY – THROUGH A UNIQUE MODULAR SYSTEM The inside of the Multifunctional Bag can be organized according to everyone’s own individual needs. Such flexibility is achieved by the bag’s unique modular design that consists of a body, as well as several different inlays. Depending on use and application, these can easily be substituted, replaced or added – an overview can be obtained from an extensive inlay catalogue.

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