Product Description – Architect’s Tube “Berlin 21 OIAL” (ONCE IN A LIFETIME)

The transport tube’s purpose is to offer a stylish presentation, allowing detail-loving, well-versed architects, engineers, artists, and designers to make a perfect first impression with their clients. Plans, maps, sketches, detail drawings, canvases etc. are protected by exclusive loden on the inside and by leather on the outside. The riveted straps ensure comfortable wearing – either over the shoulder or across the chest. Three pin buckles can be individually adjusted and let you to decide for yourself how many items you want to transport. Insertions hold artwork up to a size of DIN A0 in place – even with excess length. The tube is stabilised by two robust round profiles made of aluminium.
The material used is a southern German cow leather of particularly high quality. In order to lend the leather a personal touch, it has been tumbled, naturally grained, and organically dyed with aniline, resulting in a cloudy structure which matches the colour of the exclusive loden.
Presentation measurements: w 130 cm x h 91 cm.
Transport measurements: Ø 10 cm x h 91 cm. Weight: 3 kg.

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