Designed to live the urban lifestyle, X-Rise radiates modern luxury with a vigorous, zestful touch. This collection of daily
items and matching luggage embraces cutting-edge design with distinctive materials and bold carbon fibre textures.
X Rise is fresh and edgy and questions the view on modern luxury- a product range with a clear design language emphasizing
the overall shape and the material qualities. Exciting combinations of matte and shiny trim materials create an attractive
force and dynamic in the design.
Cut lines are called out with contrasting materials while lines are fast and fluid wrapping around the body.
Rounded corners and curves maintain the illusion of speed with no sharp points to stop the eye.
A rubbery trim material wraps fluently around the body and gives extra strength and protection to the more vulnerable
corners and areas of the bags. The carbon texture gives special focus to the trim materials and is repeated on the surface
of hardware used on X Rise- the wheel caps and the address tag.
Focus on refining the details is high priority in this collection.
X Rise is lifestyle.

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