We live in the age where attitudes towards our surrounding environment are rapidly changing. Due to that the items which had only one purpose – to look nice– are being replaced by items which are both beautiful and functional. Bag collection LESS IS MORE stands for socially and environmently sustainable fashion without compromising on style or design.
This collection not only lives up to this criteria, but also is conceptual and multifunctional, inspired by clean minimal geometric shapes. We keep our bags simple yet functional with no unnecessary details. Thoughtful design of the bag allows it to be easily transformed to other shapes, providing a different stylish accessory for every day. With only few moves your one bag can transform into two different shaped backpacks or four different shaped shoulder bags. Regardless of the shape, color or print you choose from, all eyes are sure to be on you when you rock this transforming bag. This high quality faux leather (vinyl) waterproof bag has a roomy main compartment with interior pocket for small items. The bag can hold many items which have to be carried when out and about – from the daily shopping goods to a laptop.

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