The North Face Access Pack is one of the brand’s most innovative backpack releases, living up to the brand’s legacy as a pioneering equipment manufacturer since its inception 50 years ago. It aims to change and improve the way users interact with their backpacks. The new pack has multiple game-changing new features, of which three are patent-pending. All design elements ladder up to one goal—improve the increasingly busy and complex lives of modern professionals by bringing in more ease, security, and efficiency. One of the game changers in the new pack derives from rethinking how users open their backpacks, how items can be retrieved and inserted, and how this process can be simplified. A key patent-pending advancement, the one-touch open entry unit speaks to this. It allows the user to access the main compartment with a flick of the clasp, which causes the backpack spring open automatically without the hassle and struggle of zips. The next key innovation, the new loading and retrieving system allows users to remove items such as laptops and cell phones from their individual compartments in the backpack with a pull of the ejector tab.

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