Sonic Surfer,

Today more and more users are seeing their suitcase as an extension of their outfit. So, we thought it was time to bring to the market a fresh-looking suitcase that matches people’s everyday styles.

The Sonic Surfer collection has a casual look thanks to the use of a mélange fabric and a nice quilted effect. The rather minimal design is enriched with a printed logo patch and a vertical pocket that breaks through the horizontal lines and brings dynamism to the design.

However, the biggest design innovation comes from the use of EVA: this gave us the freedom of creating a hard-side oriented design on a soft-side item. We have imagined a wavy pattern that emphasized the asymmetric side panel construction while playing with the light reflection when walking through a city or reaching a gate in an airport. The EVA panels provide multiple benefits: strength is improved due to the stiffness of the material and your belonging will be more protected than with a regular fabric panel. The independent sides panels offer a wide range of possibilities: play of color, print, texturing for future specials editions.

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