The problem with traditional backpacks is that they must be taken off the user’s back in order to access the contents.

The solution is MindShift’s world wide patented rotation180º technology, which allows the contents of the backpack to be accessed without taking it off, via an integrated hidden belt pack that can be rotated to the front of the body.

The rotation180º Panorama backpack has a door flap on the side of the pack with a magnetic buckle. When the buckle is released, the belt pack can be rotated to the front of the body and opened immediately.

The belt pack can be filled with frequently used items such as a camera, GPS devices, binoculars, phone, nature identification books, tablet, food, etc. The backpack has additional room for personal gear such as clothing and the ability to hold a three litre hydration reservoir.

Ultimately the Panorama backpack allows the user to keep moving and have a more enjoyable outdoor experience by offering access to quickly needed items without having to stop and take off the backpack.

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