Multifunctional travel bag, including 5 chambers and removable parts. The removable part may be placed in front parts of the torso, and mounted on elastic gums with use of inluded bur-tapes, and carrier tapes. The length of tapes is designed to fit people sized from 5 to 95 percentiles. Moreover, the abdomen chamber, if mounted in the carrier as a part of seat. After such transformations the backpack can be a great use for refugees during their emigration, with possibility of carrying wounded/weakened/ill persons or children, while the rest of chambers may be packed with stuff needed, e.g. tent, sleeping bag clothes, food.

After demontage process, the backpack can function as an orthopedic corset, baby carrier medical kit, or civilian-type camouflage bullet-proof VEST – the construction includes specially designed pockets for ballistic plates.

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