Bags are essential to people as they carry and protect things for us every day. The concept of BACKPAIX is to make backpack not only a carrier for people, but a companion to them to explore daily adventures. We integrated urban design, green concept and technology into backpacks.

BACKPAIX is designed for urban commuters. It is sleek and stylish with 18 compartments to store things. The backpack is made from patented recycled PET bottle fabric which saved 50% energy and reduced 20% wasted-water during the production. With PAIX APP, users can interact with the LED display smart badge attached to the backpack. The smart badge can function as signal light for bikers, alert when the backpack is left behind or be stolen, flash user’s own emojis to show their personalities and display time.

BACKPAIX is stylish, personal, eco-friendly and smart. Our team offers a bag that connects people to the fast morphing world in style.

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