We are a familiy business of two professional designers. We develop our toys thinking about children and how our toy can influence their development. The advantage of our toys is that they have a high value, they are interesting not only for children but also for adults. The whole family can play them. Our toys do not lose their value over time, they can be passed from generation to generation, transmitting family traditions from grandparents to parents and children. A toy that we represent to your judgement is a constructor with magnets made of solid beech. There is a base in it with different parts: ears, noses, beaks, etc. It is a dynamic game for children over 2 years old, the result of the game is not determined in advance. It helps a child to develop his imagination, thinking, motor skills. With this constructor you can make different animals, pets and wild animals, carnivores and herbivores! A child can discover the diversity of the animal world changing wooden parts of the constructor and fixing it on the base. A child can invent his own animal, the toy does not limit him, so the result will depend on his imagination.

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