The sense of touch is babies’ first step to explore the world and feel loved. Gradually, babies begin learning to use their hands and feet. Crawling, walking, running and jumping are simple activities but also significant in child development. How can we design an innovative product that helps children cultivate these abilities with fun? We integrate the elements from the nature and daily life in order to bring happiness to the classroom and family.

Charles Robert Darwin once described honeycomb as architectural masterpiece with hexagonal structure. Stemmed from this idea, Honey Hills was invented! It is stackable and can be connected together in six directions to create various routes. Convex and concave design creates different heights for stepping; textured patterns give rich tactile experience.

Children can make creative routes by constructing challenged paths with varied heights and curves. They can also add various tactile materials to the concave side or put the materials into the tactile bags. Participating in routes design improves the interaction among children, parents, and teachers. Stepping on the tactile routes helps children to develop sensory integration.

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