TWI stands for Transparent WIndow which represents our panel block.
PEA is representative of our joint block which looks like a a PEAnut.
TWIPEA is an infinite combination because not only is the name made by a combination of words but also the possibilities of what you can create with our blocks is endless.
Young children, teenagers, and adults can enjoy TWIPEA blocks while creating a world of their own. Our blocks can be used for fun. They can be used as art. They can even be used for educational purposes. From a simple rattle to a pencil holder, from dominoes and puzzles, to a map of the world, the possibilities of what you can create with TWIPEA blocks is endless.
We have two different types of blocks called panels and joints.
By connecting panels and joints, you can enjoy making anything you desire and if you put them on top of light tables, you can feel a magical effect. You can even create objects by only using joints. Also, customers can personalize our panels by filling them with small materials and printing pictures on top etc.
Therefore, our senses can be excited and people of all ages can enjoy TWIPEA while creating a world of their own and together with friends.

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