talent box – unique, versatile and flexible – just like your child!
talent box is an extraordinary plaything that contains in one box all the games your child loves to play: goal wall, soccer, basketball, golf, hockey, darts, … the limit is your child’s imagination.
talent box’s versatility takes any child’s dreams and transforms every room into a kingdom of adventures where fantasy rules without limits and boredom has no chance. It’s play furniture for free spirits!
Free self-unfolding in motion and ready for play, the talentkiste offers the potential for unlimited fun. It encourages free play and brings out your child’s skill, accuracy, endurance, concentration, coordination, body control, speed and mobility. The level of difficulty is easily adaptable to all ages at any time.
State-of-the-art design, multifunctional, innovative, original home accessory as a storage unit for easy cleanup and stool or play table for even more hours of fun. Sustainable, durable wood, strikingly simple, and pleasant to touch. The smooth satin finish is hygienic and easy to clean.
Also suitable for educators and therapists.
talentkiste – intelligent play furniture for advancing development!

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