Our goal was to design, develop and manufacture a wooden toy car with a design which does not only appeal to childeren but also to adults. In addition the car should only be made from natural materials and also roll quietly as other wooden cars with wooden wheels are very lound and do not roll well on hard surfaces like wooden or tile floors. The Leif wooden cars whisper silently over floors due to the special developed cork tires. The cool designs don‘t only appeal to small children but also to older children and adults. Parents love the silent rolling characteristics, natural materials: beech wood, cork and the finishing with extra virgin olive oil (food grade quality). Children love the „Silent Roller“ because they roll far, fast and smooth. The cork tires provide maximum grip and deliver optimum and silent rolling properties for speedy tours even over slippery surfaces. The tires are very durable and suitable for toys due to our special cork processing. The wooden car body is very smooth and has a nice feel. Ready for a test drive?

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