The Rollplay Trike-Bike teaches children to ride a 2 wheel bike in a systematic 4 step process.

The difficult part of riding a real bike is having the confidence a child needs in themselves. Our systemic approach gives children a high quality steel bike with rubber treads and all the tools they need to learn self- trust and be riding on 2 wheels quickly!

1 Stroller-Tricycle 8-18 months
Parents push young ones around while they gets comfortable being on the product. A high seat back and comfy restraints keep children safely in the seat while a canopy protects them from the sun.

2 Tricycle 18-30 months
The ride-on converts to a standard tricycle configuration where children learn to pedal and steer

3 Balance Bike 30-36 months
The unique rear wheel chassis easily converts the tricycle to a two wheel bike with wide, safe, easy to balance wheels. The pedals are removed and store on the back of the bike so children can scoot

4 Bike: 36 months +
Pedals back on a child can now learn to ride on two wheels. The wide stable wheels allow the child to start from a standstill. Once the child is moving natural bike balancing skills take over. Results? A speedy happy bike riding kid!

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