ROLLARK is the result of a comprehensive eco-conscious project that addresses children as a toy, but also adults as high quality design object.
Our aim was to design a product that communicates with both children and parents value and responsibility through creativity and experience. All wooden parts are left untreated intentionally to let users to decide if they want to coat it or decorate it. They will define how they will live together with their toy that will result in an emotional bond and sense of responsibility which are – in accordance with our research – the key social drivers to achieve sustainability. ROLLARK is designed for a lifespan of 50 years delivering joy for generations. In its production we use classical materials but the newest manufacturing techniques: lasers cutting and CAD-CAM. Metal parts are made from recycled raw-materials and for its wooden parts we have introduced a tree-renewing process, that combined gives a significant carbon footprint advantage, we are proud of. The toy can be extended or reshuffled on its magnetic connections. It can be a ship, a bus, a train, a van, a doll-house or anything new that can be combined with available toys and objects.

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