“Putao Explorer” is a toy set designed for 3 to 12-years-old children. It includes three products: a tangram game – “Taotao Turn Right”, a music game – “Bandery Garden”, and a Rubik’s cube game – “Twist! Rubik’s Cube”. Each product brings healthy, fun and enjoyable experience to children and parents by integrating high technology into traditional games. “Putao Explorer” allows children not only interact with the virtual games on screen, but also interact with the toys and touch the real world by utilizing image recognition technology. Meanwhile, children’s abilities will be enhanced through playing “Putao Explorer”, for instance, children’s image and space recognition and imagination will be enhanced by playing “Taotao Turn Right”. Logical thinking ability could be exercised through playing “Robik’s cube” and music sense will be enhanced by playing “Bandery Garden”. Moreover, the elegant semi-translucent packaging is convenient for children to bring the “Putao Explorer” outside and share with friends. The “Putao Explorer” represents our goal: “Happiness Beyond Screen”. We are creating the unique experience of “Playing & Learning” for children and parents in Chinese market.

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