In a world shaped by mass consumption and digitalisation, we strive to create timeless, sustainable products and to emphasise craftsmanship and the lasting quality of handmade work. Prince Froggy is a handmade crochet doll wich is fun for a child but also suitable as home decoration. He is equally loved by children and adults, for his charm, timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship. His long limbs give him a characteristic “body language”, charm and authenticity. Children are amazed by Prince Froggies huge eyes and they like to drag him around pulling on his hands and legs. He is a buddy, a leggybuddy. Prince froggy is made of 100% cotton yarn, tested for children safety and comes in a gift box also designed by the designer Suzana Pezo Sommerfeld. All leggybuddy® products are designed and first samples crocheted by the designer in her Zürich based studio. Afterwards, small series are manufactured by skilled crocheters in Europe.

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