Welcome Aboard! The ocean liner developed exclusively for TUI travel agencies provides endless fun above and below deck. The clever combination of role-play and motor elements is so far unique. Conventional motor skills learning boards lack enduring play value and classic role-playing does not challenge motor skills, which is why we have combined both of these aspects into a varied and stimulating setting for play. Lovingly designed details magically attract younger visitors’ gaze and fingers and encourage them to invent exciting adventures. The wooden figures can be moved around in milled T grooves and are impossible to lose. The combination of white back wall and pale birch looks classic. Just 4 screen-printed colours have been used that match the TUI AG colour scheme. The intentionally subtle design of the back wall makes the digitally printed wooden figures even more stimulating. The underwater world has been stained, so that the structure of the wood is visible and the water “shimmers”. The TUI play cruise ship combines fun with a modern shop-fitting design and skilfully blends into the appearance of the travel agency.

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